Bukkit gives us the possibility to modify the game as much as we like.
In the spirit of keeping "Minecraft the way it was intended" - We try to keep the number of
plugins to a minimum while still keeping a safe and fun environment for our players :)

Sheep Plugin
SheepServer's custom plugin to handle bans, warns and player information.
Keeps track of all our worlds.
Provides separate inventories for the different worlds.
Lightweight Chest Protection (EntityLWC)
Gives you the opportunity to lock doors, chests, signs and everything else.
Provides user-controlled protection fields, customized to fit us best.
Makes it possible to set up villager-based shops in spawn city where you can buy items for gold.
Makes it possible to undo damage caused by griefers.
Makes it harder for cheaters!
Easy world editing, only used for Creative, Adventure and Games.

We have a couple other plugins, but those are only for the staff to use or for statistic purposes.