Loktelan mumble server

Server details

Port: 1387

Mumble download link: http://mumble.sourceforge.net/

How to connect
Before we connect, let's change settings to use Push to Talk.. Follow the images!


Now choose what key or button to use when talking..
Some use a keyboard button but personally I like to use a button on the mouse, like the middle mouse button :)


Another thing worth mentioning is that you can configure mumble to connect to the server automatically when you start up mumble! Very handy if you use mumble ONLY for sheepserver :)


While we are in the settings you might as well check if the sound output\input devices are set right.
To view sound output options --> you have to check off "advanced" like shown in the picture under..


Time to connect to the server! Apply and close the configuration window, then press the blue globe like shown in the picture..


Enter the server address and port as well as your username. The label is just the server's name in your own list, can be anything.
Port: 1387

Pressing OK now should connect you to the server, if someone is online you can talk to them using the key you set for "Push to Talk".




Creating channels and registering your username:

As you read on the top of this post, the main channel is for sheepserver. If you are playing other games with eachother you should create a separate channel for it or use skype\other voice program.

You have to register your username in order to create new temporary channels, here is how you do that:


You should now see a new icon to the right of your username like this..


To create a new channel, right the main channel and press "add".. Add a name for the channel and press OK to create a new channel :)

You're done, enjoy!