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This page should give you a idea of what SheepServer is about, I hope you find what you're looking for :D


It's hard to find servers that you can truly settle with, that is why sheepserver emerged in the first place. The founder of sheepserver wanted a fair, democratic server where the big decisions were discussed and voted on by the people and not just done by some guy on the top!

We have rules against griefing and PvP. PvP is enabled, but not allowed unless both agree Also, we have LogBlock that allows us to track down and repair damage done by griefers. We have been invaded by hackforums two times, they failed and we have never had an unrepairable grief on our server since we started around 3 years ago. SheepServer proves that you can have a safe and friendly environment in a open server without the need of white-list

We are a fairly active, medium sized server and have a unique, mature and friendly community despite it being a open server. Join and have a look around, I think you'll like it

If you need a server with plugins that adds a ton of stuff and features on top of vanilla, you can stop reading here and ignore this post.

But if you are alright with a minimal amount of those plugins, I will recommend you to give this server a go simply because it is one of a kind and you don't want to miss it ^^

the staff is friendly, mature and always professional when it comes to their job. No abusing is allowed, if you ever see a staff member abuse their powers you should tell me so I can deal with it immediately Players tend to trade quite a bit and we have 2 additional ranks to recognize regulars and trusted players

Not sure if this is what you mean by different worlds, but the server I know about has Games, Adventure, Creative and Survival world. The main focus is on Survival though. It's a small'ish-medium'ish server with 25 slots, usually you'll see 4-12 players online depending on the time of day and day of week etc..

You can take my word for it when I'm saying SheepServer is a great server, but it depends what you are looking for. You don't have very specific requirements, but the server fits what you say you're looking for. Well, except from the role-playing bit - I mean, you can role play if you want, but it's not a role play server We have a creative, games and adventure (puzzles) world but the main focus is on survival. The server is open to any age, we have players ranging from 8 and all the way to 57. SheepServer has been around for 3 years, proving that a open server can be just as safe if not safer than a whitelisted server

You don't have to listen to my babbling though! Join the server and see for yourself, I think you'll like it

I will share with you this server I know, your description on what you need was not very detailed so I don't know if we are what you are looking for. Actually, the only reason why I'm posting is because you say you are looking for a SMP server ^^ If you are looking for a white-listed or closed small SMP server then we are not what you are looking for.. We are a medium sized server and have a unique, mature and friendly community even though it's a open server.

If you do decide to join and create a youtube series on the server I will have to ask you for one thing. Don't advertise for the server in your videos. This may sound weird but it's to protect the players and server from being crowded in case you go viral on youtube. I suppose it's alright to put the name of the server in the first video so your subscribers know where you are but please understand that this is a real concern for us and thank you for respecting that

I think I know what you mean, this server I'm about to share is 20 slots but you'll see around 10 players online regularly. Personally I consider that medium sized rather than big, I hope you agree

We don't use /tpa, instead we can set 15 homes. One of the players set up and maintain a nether hub for quick travel though

PvP is allowed but only if both parts agree before starting. You'll notice that our regular players are remarkably friendly and welcoming.

A active and mature staff team keeps the server safe with the help of plugins to track griefers as well as catching X-Rayers and stopping hackers For the 3 years the server has been active, we have not had a single irrepairable grief damage despite being attacked by hackforums twice --> Proving that a open non-whitelisted server can be just as safe as a whitelisted one, if not better!

Instead of TPA we allow you to set up to 10 homes which means you have to have been at a location to be able to teleport back there. These homes can be set anywhere you like. For example at your friends house, at the end portal or in the nether ^^ Big worlds does not directly make you lag, but it requires more RAM from the server to keep it loaded. I'm very focused on keeping the server lag-free, so if you feel any lag ingame I would really like to know about it so I can find out what's going on. At the beginning of this year we upgraded and moved our server to a very powerful computer which made everything a lot smoother!

Server is located in Amsterdam but we get people joining from all over the globe, including many americans.

We use two plugins for protection, the one I described in the previous post is called LWC (Lightweight Chest Protection). The server is also using PreciousStones, which is our grief prevention plugin. You place protection blocks which will cover a set area around it, for example the land protection is a diamond block which covers a cuboid field 20 blocks around the sides and 40 up. This means the field covers in total 41x81x41 blocks

A great playerbase we do have, no factions though we try to stay as close to vanilla as possible but with grief\steal\cheat protection. We don't use white-list but we have had a active playerbase for 3 years, so we know how it's done properly

If you got a friend to play with, you are welcome to check out our 2-Player co-op Adventure course on the server We are mainly a survival server but me and the founder of the server made this adventure course just for fun. The record is 35 minutes 49 seconds, see if you can beat it ;D A word of warning though, some of the puzzles is quite tricky to solve. You may want to be prepared for 1-2 hours possibly even more

There is a prize for when you complete which you will get in survival world. A special prize can also be requested if you record it, but only the player who record will recieve that prize! Other than that we have the MiniGames world that is in development, if you think you're up for it you can try to beat the Tower of Pain which is a somewhat hard parkour tower in MiniGames world

Lag can come from many things, but not from SheepServer The server is located in amsterdam and yet the Tower of Pain record is held by an American, second place belongs to an European. That proves the fact that you can play overseas without lag affecting you noticeably

If you do decide to settle in the server to play survival or record whole series etc.. I would appreciate it if you don't put our name or IP in your videos or description in case your channel goes viral. This may sound weird but it's actually a real concern, please respect that

If you and your friend likes a friendly survival server with rules against griefing and PvP'ing without agreement, you should check us out Also, if you get bored of survival gameplay, we have a collection of minigames, creative and a 2-Player co-op puzzle\adventure course on separate worlds but in the same server

SheepServer is a open server for any ages, if you can explain to your son what the rules are and how to behave you should be just fine We have several parent w\kids on the server ^^

It's a lot easier to get to know each other when using voice-chat, so that is something I recommend trying out. Our server in particular use a Mumble server which is like a chatroom for people to join and leave whenever they like and start talking

We require no mods and we only use server-side plugins to protect ourself against griefing, stealing, hackers and other people with bad intentions

If you are looking for a pure-vanilla server that is only using mojang's software, this server might not be for you. The problem with vanilla servers is that you can't protect yourself against hackers and griefers efficiently.. So if you want pure-vanilla you either have to play on a whitelisted server that' is closed for public and only trusted people are allowed to play, or you can go semi-vanilla which is what this server is.

SheepServer is mainly a survival server, but we also have a Creative world where people can let their creativity flow freely ^^ We have a couple building teams that are working on Games world and Adventure world. You have to see it for yourself to understand it, it's two unique worlds that are made completely from scratch that uses a lot of fancy redstone mechanics (no plugins needed to make it work) ^^

Our server might not be exactly what you are looking for but I think you might like it anyway, maybe particularly because we have been around for a long time. A strong community has built up around the server throughout that time and we have no plans of shutting down anytime soon! It's hard to find servers that you can truly settle with, that is why sheepserver emerged in the first place. The founder of sheepserver wanted a fair, democratic server where the big decisions were discussed and voted on by the people and not just done by some guy on the top!

Everything in survival world is legit, no item or building is cheated in! We use PreciousStones, which is exactly what you say you are looking for where you can add friends to your land. For shops, we are using PhysicalShop, where gold ingots are the currency. There are server shops at spawn that is overpriced (but still there) so that the player-owned shops in spawn city is used instead Spawn is at coordinate 0 0 0, the border is 3500 out from spawn in every direction (cube-shaped, not spherical). That is 49 000 000 square meters of space horizontally to build on ^^ PvP is enabled but not allowed unless both parts agreed. We don't like to use TPA, instead we let players set multiple homes. So if you have been there you can go back if you have set a home there, sort of like fast-travel in the elder-scrolls games

You can try out SheepServer if you want We are a open server mainly focused on survival, but also have a couple other worlds with some unique features we can jump into seamlessly if we want to. The server is using version 1.7.5 at the moment, which is compatible with 1.7.2

We also have a 2-Player coop adventure course where the goal is to work together with a friend to complete the puzzles! (Warning: some of the puzzles can be mind-boggling, you may want to set off more than one hour for it)

If you want to play on a semi-vanilla survival server with the protection needed to have a open server, then SheepServer is a very good option

I will have to ask you to not advertise for our server in your videos. Sounds wierd? It's actually a real concern for us. Our players come first and the last thing we want is for our server to become too crowded to enjoy. So in case your videos go viral I would appreciate it if you don't share our IP or website in your videos. Thank you for understanding

If you're up for it, you can try to beat Tower of Pain which is a fairly hard Parkour tower in our MiniGames world

We wont give special permissions or chat colors etc.. to, well, anyone I suppose. Not even the staff on the server has that, and that's how we like to keep it If you like the server and want to make promotional videos for it then that is awesome and very much appreciated. Many have already done that for our server voluntarily. Here is a thread collecting most of those videos:

I assume you're looking for a server that has survival as a main focus right? The server I'm about to share with you is not using PreciousStones (not towny). You technically don't need protection against other players destroying your stuff because we have rules against griefing\stealing, people who break these rules will be punished accordingly and the damage will be rolled back by our mature and active staff. We are definitely not new though! We've been around for 3 years now but that proves that we have a mature management and a setup that works 2 Players sharing IP completely fine

We have rules against looting\stealing and PvP. PvP is enabled, but not allowed unless both agree It's a 25 slot server, at the time I'm writing this we have 4 regulars plus myself online. The amount of people online varies from 0 to just a couple, to around 10, to sometimes 25 when we're doing events ^^ With our host we can heighten that limit easily during events to make room for everyone

Hey GreekGeek117, our server is not pure-vanilla but we are trying to be as close as possible but with the protection needed to keep the server safe from griefers, cheaters and people with other kinds of bad intentions ^^ We have a very good atmosphere in the server and do not intentions to become overpopulated and crowded We only require one thing from you; follow our rules. Other than that we are a open server and require no application or approval in order for you to join and play with us

I think you are looking for a server that's not crowded and spammy in the chat right? We are a medium sized server and have a unique friendly community. Join and have a look around, I think you'll like it



  • Type: Semi-Vanilla Friendly Survival

  • Friendly community and no PvP\Griefing

  • No whitelist

  • No Factions!

  • Non abusive and friendly staff!

  • You can set multiple homes, no TPA!

  • Additional Worlds --> Creative\MiniGames\2-Player-Coop

  • Minimal amount of plugins

  • Player placed protection fields

  • Item-based economy based on gold ingots. Dig for money!

  • Sturdy community, SheepServer has been around since beta 1.7.3